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However, USA which has significant maritime operation chose not be a part of this liability and instead formed its own laws to punish the firms who were responsible for the oil spill. The US laws for the oil spill was created in the year 1990 post the incident of Exxon Valdez.

The article further goes on to describe the similarities and the differences in both the acts for the oil spill, the different aspects of both the laws and then concludes that international needs to be improved to make it more comprehensive (Schoenbaum, 2012).

In another article by Gossling, he talks about the legitimacy of the environment, it building process, losing and then again repairing it. This discussion mainly focuses the Deepwater Horizon incident of BP. The article also takes into consideration that BP used to publish its corporate social responsibility document, but in reality it did not practice the things mentioned in the document. It goes on to ask the question as why initially BP green efforts were appreciated and accepted by the people and then later it was revealed that it was nothing but green washing (Hicks, 2010).

The article talks about legitimacy which can describe as social construct which is formed on the people related to a firm actions as well as behaviors. He then describes how legitimacy is related to the CSR activities and how in the recent times the organizations have been acting against the society and thereby challenging the legitimacy theory. The author says that the legitimacy theory in CSR can be interpreted as the moral legitimacy. The author then goes on to talk about the corporate environment legitimacy and their different interpretations by the authors.

Firms are subjected to different pressures and the compliance can be one of the ways to make the firm implement the corporate social responsibility. Also the impression in the public is mostly limited to communication done by the firm through the media. As a result, many of the stakeholders do not get much information about the firm activities related to CSR (Scherer & Palazzo 2011).