Assignment First

英国proofreading推荐:现代组织不应该只关注有形的奖励和报酬(Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.)。此外,还需要关注无形资产。应确保雇员在获得薪酬的同时还能获得浮动工资。这包括奖金、激励和利润分享模式。除了这种薪酬模式,还需要一些法定的薪酬,比如退休金和医疗保险。有必要发展战略薪酬,而不是侧重于任何一个方面。

组织的薪酬理念应该与组织的目标保持一致(Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.)。在这个过程中应该有问责制和透明度。组织系统中应该有程序公正,让员工觉得他们的付出是有回报的。组织员工的薪酬应按照市场标准,并具有竞争力。人力资源经理还应该关注公司的无形报酬。员工奖励制度应符合公司的战略目标。

现代组织是当代组织,需要考虑来自不同背景的员工。它应确保工人不因其种族或出身而受到歧视。员工不应该被定型或受到不公平的对待(Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.)。法律不允许骚扰员工。应该有一个适当的制度,以避免所有这些问题。公司内部应保持程序公正和透明度,以确保员工得到公平对待。为了避免这个问题,有效的多样性管理是必不可少的。Modern day organizations should not only focus on tangible rewards and remuneration (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.). There is a need to focus on intangible assets as well. It should be ensured that the employees are also provided variable pay along with their remuneration. This includes bonuses, incentives, and profit sharing models. Apart from this remuneration model, there is also a need to some legally required pay like superannuation and also health cover. There is a need to develop strategic remuneration that is not focused on any one aspect.
Remuneration philosophy of the organization should be aligned with the goals of the organization (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.). There should be accountability and transparency in the process. There should be procedural justice in the organizational system that makes the employees feel that their pay is paid for their efforts. Employees of the organization should be paid according to the market standards and paid competitively. HR manager should also focus on intangible reward of the company. Employee reward system should be in line with the strategic objectives of the company.
Modern day organizations are contemporary organizations that need to factor in workers from diverse background. It should ensure that the workers should not be discriminated based on their ethnicity or origin. The employee should not be stereotyped or treated unfairly (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.). Harassment of employee is not permitted according to law. There should be a proper system in place in order to avoid all these issues. Procedural justice and transparency should be maintained within the company in order to ensure that the employees are treated fairly. Effective diversity management is imperative in order to avoid this issue.

英国proofreading推荐 :职业危害是指劳动者在受雇期间所感觉到的各种问题。组织的内部责任被定义为确保安全和提高效率的管理实践。根据工作的需要和公司的目标,人力资源经理应该制定多样化的策略,以适应这种情况。

员工的声音提高了员工的参与度。这将导致强大的组织绩效的发展,从而带来增长。这将使员工个人成长,组织也将有集体成长。允许员工表达自己的意见会给员工带来更多的自主权(Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.)。这会让员工产生一种与公司的归属感。在此之后,将会有组织效率和生产力的改进。

员工可以通过正式和非正式的媒介表达自己的声音。在这些媒体中,员工可以单独或集体地表达自己的意见。正式的表达方式包括与HR团队的讨论、从公司收集的反馈、对意见箱的建议,以及通过正式的会议安排(Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.)。非正式会议是通过社交媒体、非正式沟通进行的。通过分析发现,在能够听到员工声音的组织中,无形资产增加。在此之后,在此过程中可以确保更高的生产力。Occupational hazard is defined as the issues that employee feel during the time of employment. Internal responsibility of an organization is defined as management practices in order to ensure safety and improve efficiency. Based on the requirement of the job and the objectives of the company, the HR manager should create diverse strategies in order to cater to the situation.
Employee voice increases employee engagement. This leads to the development of strong organizational performance that leads to growth. This will enable the employee to grow individually and there will be collectivistic growth of the organization as well. Allowing employee to voice their opinion will lead to more autonomy to the employees (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.). This will lead employees to develop a sense of relatedness with the company. Subsequent to this there will be improvement in organizational efficiency and productivity.
Employee can express their voices through formal and informal mediums. In these mediums employees can express their voice individually or collectively. The formal modes of expression include discussions with HR team, feedback collected from company, suggestions to the suggestion box and also through formal meeting arrangement (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.). Informal meetings are through social media, informal communications. It has been found from analysis that in organizations where employee voices are heard, there is an increase of intangible assets. Subsequent to this there is more productivity ensured in this process.