Assignment First




The discussion of why this organization culture is to be developed and what it is looked up on for is given below:

  • Climate for change:

To bring about a shift from the one level to another, when the company strives to improve on certain level, there are certain expectations. This is achieved only with the reinforcement of an organization culture.

  • Leadership:

It is believed that a leader bringing in changes within the team to set new standards and work towards will lead to quality of work. This management of leadership also can bring about good standards that would set up an organizational culture.

  • Employee Engagement:

One of the vital importances given across in all the companies is employee engagement. It is important to give certain level of importance to the strengths of the employees and engage them with activities that are of best interest for them. This brings in individual ownership and interest towards the company, giving way for a good culture in the company.

  • Team work:

One of the most important parts of working together with others is to build a team work and a team spirit. From competing with each other, it is a transformation to work together and compete for each other. The best strengths of each person is noted in the team and engaging them in such a way, the best quality work is sought, leaving way to good quality work along with team orientation. This also helps in developing good cross culture in the organization.