Assignment First

  本篇英国商业论文代写-改进电子商务平台搜索项讲了该业务的目标是改进电子商务平台上的搜索项。目标市场是购买思科工具、软件和技术的公司和个人。该网站的目的是显示所搜索的所需产品,从而减少过滤产品的时间。本篇英国商业论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The goal of the business is to improve the search items on the e-business platform. The target markets are the corporate as well individual who is buying the CISCO tools, software’s and technologies. The objectives of the website are to display the required products which are searched so that time is reduced in filtering the products.

  Every business goal is to improve its consumer interaction, engagement and conversion so that ROI can be increased. On the other side, the stakeholders are looking to find the products that are suitable for them in quick time. To solve this gap, improved e-business system is needed which can help in increase in conversion and decrease in search time.

  The appropriate matrix will be personalization improvement, decrease in search time, improve in product search relevancy, and increase in conversion and high satisfaction.

  Website Development

  System development lifecycle: The website is developed using Word Press system which allows building recommendation focused website with inbuilt tools. The online account was created and then Word Press based ecommerce website was developed. The chosen method was easy and quick to build the e-business platform without much developer resources need.

  Choice made for the following details:

  Development tools & Scripting languages: Notepad++, PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS

  Payment Systems: Paypal or other available payment systems like Google checkout etc.

  Database: PhpmyAdmin – MySQL

  Security and privacy management: The website uses SSL to make sure proper security and privacy options for the stakeholders while visiting the platform

  Ethical and Legal Implications: All contents and policies are in line to the companies and website act and as per the IT government standards

  customer service and communications: All the communications are done through customer portal and all calls are handled by in house customer service person so all stakeholders have satisfactory solution to their queries

  Website style and aesthetic design: the website design is done with help of expert designer and then appropriate Word Press theme to suit the need of the e-business system.

  Website Structure: The website structure is very simple as it contains the backend database, backend API functions and frontend with payment, cart and tracking option.

  Inclusions (e.g. media, links, community, documentation): All logos, copyright information is provided on the platform. In addition, team page, about, videos and more are provided to help the stakeholders to know more about the business easily. The shopping, payment, cancellation, refund and delivery information documents are provided to get concise information on the website.

  Compatibility and scalability: The website is designed in responsive way so it is compatible to all kinds of devices. The website is best viewed on various browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer etc.