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英国社会科学论文代写 :企业获得吸引客户的挑战




英国社会科学论文代写 :企业获得吸引客户的挑战

Attracting Customers: Once the business decides the budget and other expense which are attached with the marketing process, the next challenges is getting or attracting customers. Attracting customers is not easy in the current market. There are so many products which are similar in nature and the cost at which they are available in the market also varies big time. Each business wants to do something different for their customers so as to attract them. The companies run various schemes, point systems, EMI payments, easy payments and similar gigs to attract the customers towards their product. On the other hand, the customers understand their importance to the businesses and are always looking for something extra from each deal. The small businesses are not in a position to offer extra value to its customers due to monetary constraints.

英国社会科学论文代写 :企业获得吸引客户的挑战

The small business can indulge in catching up and attracting the local customer base. If the business is set up in a small community, then the business can leverage upon the local community, culture and camaraderie. The company can look in for avenues to advertise locally and grab the local untapped market.
The business should do a local survey and understand the target market that would be benefitted from the business and then the business should try and market the product to those businesses. Another way to overcome the challenge of getting customers is to leverage on the social network . Constant posts and offers would help the business to increase its web presence. This would make it easier for the business to reach more and more customers.
The business owners should educate themselves about the content marketing, web content specifics, presence on twitter, Facebook and other similar social media platforms . The business owner should also understand the concept of search engine optimization and similar concepts. This would help the business in making sales funnel and in prospecting the kind of customers that the firm wants to cater to.