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英国生物化学论文代写 :湿地的污水处理设计



英国生物化学论文代写 :湿地的污水处理设计

The surface cells may also lose much amount of water. As per the proposed project suggestion, there may be reduction of the overall evaporation. There can be construction of the first pond which can be stated as the primary pond. The second pond may be constructed for the purpose of storage . The waste water which would be there in the initial source may flow to the first pond. After the time of retention, the effluent will also pass through the six cells where there will be advanced treatment. The overall system will be consisting of the two different reactors which may be connected in series.
This would be such a system which can be represented with the help of the two reactors which would be connected in series. This will included the facultative lagoon and a constructed FWS wetland and another pond of for the purpose of storage. The lagoon will provide the initial treatment and will be serving as an equalization basin. The use of the facilitative lagoon is that it will provide the primary treatment. In addition to this, it will also help in meeting the discharge permit requirements.

英国生物化学论文代写 :湿地的污水处理设计

The primary function of the FWS wetland is to ensure that the discharge permit requirements should be met on the day to day basis. This is also the chief purpose of having the FWS wetland. The effluent water which would be there in the CW would be stored under the pond of small surface which can be used in future as well.
Vegetation submerged bed; on the other hand are the ones which have been designed for the purpose of creation of the subsurface flow which is done through the subsurface flow in case of the permeable medium. This is the kind of wetland which should contain gravel bed which has the wetland vegetation. These are the ones which can be regarded to be as the submerged flow, the root zone systems, and the horizontal subsurface flow. These are the systems which are used for doing the secondary treatment for the large number of waste water. In this case water level is below the media surface. This these can place in the cells which have the more depth.