Assignment First

  本篇英国市场营销论文代写-思维方式讲了思维方式是指一种独特的处理信息的方式。它还包括获取知识、组织思想、应用个人价值观、形成观点和意见、解决问题、向他人表达自己以及做出决定和计划的不同方式。今天的组织正在使用工具来评估员工的思维方式。斯特恩伯格-瓦格纳自我评估量表(Sternberg-Wagner Self-Assessment Inventory)是企业使用的心理测量测试的一个例子。本篇英国市场营销论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Thinking style refers to a unique way of processing information. It also refers to different ways of acquiring knowledge, organizing thoughts, applying personal values, forming views and opinions, solving problems, expressing oneself to others and making decisions and plans. Organizations today are using tools to assess thinking style of the employees. The Sternberg-Wagner Self-Assessment Inventory is an example of psychometric test used by businesses.

  Stage 1

  1. Thinking style preference and thinking style level.

  Thinking style is hierarchic. Thinking style level is external.

  2. Are your thinking style preferences – form and level – optimal for conducting this negotiation?

  Hierarchic thinking style refers to preference for projects, tasks and situations which allow formation of a hierarchy of goals to fulfil. Person with hierarchical thinking style likes to many things at the given time. However, he assigns different priority to different tasks. Hierarchic individuals are more adaptive and adjust in many settings. In negotiation terms, hierarchy means understanding and prioritizing task (Sternberg, 1988). Hierarchic thinkers set priorities, allocate resources carefully, be systematic and organized. Level of thinking style is external. At different stages of progress, external level allows individual to work and interact with others. External thinking is more effective than internal thinking when it comes to negotiation. Being a good listener is important for developing external thinking.

  Thinking style is important for business because it reflects how a person processes information. It helps in understanding the impact of thought process. It is important for better communication. Situation also influences thinking style. Differences in thinking style across tasks and situation has been developed (Novak and Hoffman, 2009). Hierarchical thinking style is optimal for conducting negotiation because it helps in prioritizing. It also focuses on not accepting terms that are not in accordance with one’s terms. External thinking style is effective for negotiation and conflict management.