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英国时尚学论文代写 :社交网站中的匿名讨论分析


英国时尚学论文代写 :社交网站中的匿名讨论分析

In Instagram people share their own pictures or pictures of their photography and people who are following get to know about the person’s skills and share it further to huge number of people. Facebook enables people to share their daily activity, pictures videos and so on, which makes communication more effective . It allows to make friends of the person’s choice. It also enables to maintain privacy of the user. These networking sites also allows celebrities to reach their fans directly. Therefore, it has made social networking sites popular and a platform to discuss about any social event with popular people and common people as well.

It is also interesting that people can change their identity and may not share their original pictures on their social networking profile. These people like to remain anonymous and share their views.

英国时尚学论文代写 :社交网站中的匿名讨论分析

Facebook and MySpace allow the users to hide their real identity. It is often good to communicate with anonymous people when a person is in distress or depressed. It helps them to share problem and that anonymous person can advise as well. However potentiality of an anonymous communication is often criticised. It has been argued that anonymous persons are mostly fake and they generally communicate for fulfilling some wrong desire. An anonymous person or the stranger can be harmful even if that person is only communicating in a virtual world. Sometimes anonymous people even damages the financial belongings by gaining trust . Thus potential of communication over social networking sites are immense.