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在培训和评价方面存在不足,以至于信息使用者和数据产生者是不同的(Hubbert et al., 1995)。


没有满足特定的基本和重要的基于用户的因素(Kim et al., 2008)。例如,数据库查询响应,无法以特定的方式完成流程,系统的易用性不足,对系统人员的依赖性。

英国硕士论文 :MyTax服务应用程序的问题和故障

这意味着,MyTax服务应用程序是一个失败的应用程序,并且一直是失败的,直到当局承诺控制与服务相关的质量问题。这些问题导致了新的在线税收系统的失败,使得许多澳大利亚人不能以合适的方式登录网站本身(Kim & Gershwin, 2008)。在使用该系统时,公司要求提供其系统,否则将不会提供其为澳大利亚提供的福利。


英国硕士论文 :MyTax服务应用程序的问题和故障

The problem, event or glitch and related factors contributing to it

There existed inadequacy in training as well as appreciation in such a way that the information users and the data generators were distinct (Hubbert et al., 1995).
Specific essential factors were not met by the system with regard to its users such that it gave rise to various issues inclusive of query response inability over database, inability of obtaining the processes done in a specific way, inadequacy in systems of user-friendly nature and the dependence over personnel of the system.
Specific essential and important user based factors were not met (Kim et al., 2008). For example, query response over database, no ability of getting the processes to be accomplished in a specific way, inadequacy in the system of user-friendliness and dependence over the personnel of system.

英国硕士论文 :MyTax服务应用程序的问题和故障

This is to conclude that the MyTax service application was a failure and has been so until the authority undertook to control the issue of quality related to the service. The problems were such that they led towards the failure of the new online tax system that did not allow many Australians to log into the site itself in an appropriate manner (Kim & Gershwin, 2008). While using this system, the company required to furnish its system or else it will not offer the benefits that it is designed to offer for the country of Australia.
The issue faced was an operational failure related to quality. These occur especially when the team of any system has not focused over aligning its prospects and defining its objectives. It was the responsibility of Australian taxation office to undertake the responsibilities in its hands.