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In an organization, the leaders need to be sensitive. Effective leaders are those who are high self-monitors, they are behaviorally sound, have emotional intelligence, they are skilled both politically and also socially and they support their followers with full zeal and enthusiasm in order to get the desired results. This essay talks about the skills which leaders should possess in order to lead a nonprofit organization. The nonprofit organization is very different from other traditional organization and so is the management. Thus nonprofit organizations look out for leaders who are self motivated, emotional, lead by examples and are ready to support their followers at all times.

Importance of Leadership

The leader in nonprofit organizations should be true to him then he would be able to do justice to his job. The leaders who exhibit the mentioned qualities are termed as authentic leaders. They have the potential to run the organization in the most ethical way without compromising with their core beliefs and values (Simms & Trager, 2009). Thus the people who are chosen for the leadership positions in a nonprofit organization should be authentic leaders who can self-monitor themselves and attain the desired results all the time. Nonprofit organizations need good leadership in order to create authentic followers, to foster positive organizational culture and attaining improved performance.

Leaders who are self motivated and who are self-monitors have the potential to direct the organization on the correct path and in a correct way.  Leadership is an art and hence the fate of the organization lies in the hands of the leader. Good leader would always pass on his legacy to his followers and hence the organization would remain in the hands of the people who are self monitors and they have the potential to run the nonprofit organization in the most effective way.