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Maslach倦怠理论是由疲劳、玩世不恭和效率低下的综合症状构成的。Maslach, Schaufeli和Leiter(2001)确定了导致组织倦怠的六个因素。它已被确定为工作负载不匹配,不匹配的控制个人和工作职能,缺乏适当的奖励系统或认可的工作,已经完成的员工,失去积极的联系,组织偏差和价值观之间的冲突。公司缺乏道德规范也是员工不按要求工作的另一个主要原因。

英国戏剧学论文代写 :倦怠理念因素的解决

这个理论的结论是,组织和员工之间的脱节是所有问题的主要根源。通过解决上述六个因素,公司可以获得更多的员工生产力。这也确保了员工在个人层面上有一个积极的工作和生活的平衡。应该有一个更好的连接和支持系统,可以导致生产力而不是不和谐(Maslach et al., 2001)。


英国戏剧学论文代写 :倦怠理念因素的解决

The Maslach burnout theory is made of three dimensional syndromes that is a combination of exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy. Maslach, Schaufeli and Leiter (2001) identified six factors that lead to organizational burnout. It has been identified as the mismatch in the workload, mismatch in the control of the individuals and the job function, lack of a proper rewards system or recognition of the work that has been done by the employee, loss of sense of positive connection, organizational bias and a conflict between values. Lack of ethical mandates of the company is also another major reason for the employees to not function according to their requirements.

英国戏剧学论文代写 :倦怠理念因素的解决

This theory concludes that disconnect between the organization and the employee is the primary root cause of all the issues. By addressing the six factors that has been elucidated in the above the companies can hope to gain more employee productivity. It also ensures that at a personal level the employees have a positive work life balance. There should be a better connection and a supportive system that could lead towards productivity rather than discord (Maslach et al., 2001).
To summarize these theories, explain that lack of clarity of the responsibilities, organizational design, role conflict, job demands, lack of motivation, lack of personal growth, limited autonomy of the employees, boredom are some of the reasons for the employees to develop boredom apart from their own individual issues. These cause an impact on the organization.