Assignment First


保持警惕:准备面对形势而不感到惊讶。也应该对使用社交媒体网站的员工进行适当的检查。他们不应该发布可能导致危机的信息。因此,他们应该观察他们的活动对社会媒体需要监控(renyolds,et al.,2005)。
准备道歉:道歉被证明是社交媒体上最好的药。如果发现大量的人说一些对公司的社会媒体网站,公司应立即道歉并回复别人的问题(Ulmer et al,2014)。他们应该有足够的反应,使他们不仅立即回答问题,而且还创造了一个空间的人的心。
然而,在中国的公司和政府采取的一个奇怪的政策。这项政策倾向于提供从人民档案中删除帖子的权利。大量的公司在中国经营为同样的目的(舒尔茨,et al.,2014)。这并不理想。事实上,这是不道德的,也是一种手段,以遏制媒体和通信的自由。


Viewed by Millions: In a short span a post can be viewed by millions of people. Thus, once something is posted it is very difficult to control the same.
Immediate outrage: Social media posts can lead to an immediate outrage among the people.

There are three fundamentalists which are needed to be understood in order to overcome the challenges of social media:
Change in the plans: There may be a point of time when the social media has a number of negative comments regarding a product or the company. In such a scenario, the organization or the company needs to change the plans and the communication mix.

Make the first impression in advance: Even before a product is launched it is important that there should be a credible presence of the same. In the present market, it is important that there should be an effective first impression of the product. So even before there is a chance for the situation of crises, the product becomes a success (Marra, 1997).

Be vigilant: Get ready to face the situation without being surprised. There should also be a proper check on the employees who are using social media websites. They should not post an information which can lead to crisis like situation. Thus, they should be observed and their activities on social media needs to be monitored (Renyolds, et al., 2005).

Be ready to apologize: Apology proves to be the best medicine on social media. If it is found that a large number of people are saying something against the company on the social media websites, the company should immediately apologize and revert the people’s issues (Ulmer et al, 2014). They should be responsive enough so that they not only responds to the problem immediately but also creates a space in the heart of the people.

However, in China the companies and the government adopt a strange policy. This policy tends to provide the rights to delete the posts from the people’s profile. A large number of companies in China are operating for the same purpose (Schultz, et al., 2014). This is not ideal. In fact it is unethical and a means to curb the freedom of the media and communication.