Assignment First


如果雇主制定了不使用互联网的员工遵守的标准和行为准则,而只是规定了分配给他们的工作,那么雇主有权检查员工的违规行为。如果雇主没有限制使用互联网,那么不建议雇主去检查雇员的互联网使用情况。互联网使用政策非常广泛,每个组织都根据自己所处的业务类型以及每天使用互联网的需求程度,设定自由和大量使用的限制(Liberman,2011) 。










If the employer has set standards and code of conduct to be followed by the employees of not using the internet but only the work allotted to them, then the employer has a right to check on the activities of the employees if they are violating the rule. If the employer has not set restrictions on the use of internet, then it is not recommended that the employer goes and checks the employees’ internet usage. The internet usage policy are very wide and every organisation sets their own limits of liberal and massive usage depending on the type of business they are in and the extent of the requirement of using the internet on a daily basis (Liberman, 2011).

Acceptable internet usage policy

  1. Employees are expected to use the internet productively and responsibly. Personal use if not allowed and it must be used for work related activities (Lichtenstein and Swatman, 1997).
  2. Only research and educational tasks need to be accessed through the internet by the employee and no other activities are permitted.
  3. All site visits and download may be monitored for surveillance of the employee’s conduct and all data is the property of the employer and the company.

Unacceptable internet usage policy

  1. Using the company‘s internet and email id to send harassing, annoying, disturbing, and vulgar content to someone in the company it outside.
  2. Downloading and copying pirated software and getting the company into trouble for the violation (Lim, 2002).
  3. Hacking into unauthorised websites through the company’s internet and computer, and sending personal views as representing the organisation which may not be acceptable.