Assignment First





Key nursing responsibilities is attached with the sincere care of the patient in a manner that best suited to the personality and physical condition of the patient. Nursing is more about managing oneself and managing the situation rather than having expert knowledge of things but do nothing. Of course the knowledge matters but if one fails to handle the situation because of loss of nerves or fail to overcome the stress, he/she is more likely to do more harm than good (Leonard, 2004). Same can be witnessed in the situation where a nurse communicates the condition of the patient failed to realize the outcome of her hurry. Teamwork is very important in this regard and the human resource working in the hospitals needs to back each other with the sufficient support to undertake the task comprehensively.

The task is important because it is hard to state the importance within the short time available most of the time. This needs expertise and the alignment of the information starting from the most Important to the least one. (Kalisch, 2007) The information is highly dependent over the nature of the case and information that may seems relevant and to be communicated at first becomes totally irrelevant in other case. Take this Shirley’s case for instance, the nurse updated the second nurse about the IV’s that are introduced within the patient but didn’t tell about the food that is given through the IV’s. Now the information about the IV’s is of no use till the other nurse knew about the material given.