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放学后,这个环境为解决儿童肥胖问题提供了一个很好的机会。研究发现,在美国,每三个孩子中就有一个患有肥胖症(Batako et al., 2005)。这通常是因为他们不良的生活方式和饮食习惯。这是因为青少年通常不遵守任何特定的饮食表,坚持吃任何他们想要的东西。通过对正在进行校外培训项目的学生的研究证明,这些项目可以帮助他们的参与者的健康(Fashola, 1998)。这将有利于他们的健康,因为这些学生将有机会参加大量的体育活动。

英国艺术史论文代写 :培训项目对孩子的健康和学习

除此之外,这些项目还为孩子们提供了详细的健康知识。这些项目还确保学生充分了解自己身体的营养需求,并了解合理饮食的必要性。对一些参与者来说,健康和健身的好处是存在的。约650名学生参与了25个课外项目(Wiecha et al., 2012),获得了这一结果。因此,放学后的计划是有用的,因为学生可以受益于他们的健康的角度以及。

课外活动的另一个好处是它有助于使整个学习过程更加有趣。一些校外培训项目包括科学和计算机等学科的教育。在这些项目中,学生们分组学习。这些课程是为学生安排的,完全自由,有趣和有意义的方式。不同的校外项目可以提供不同的选择,如戏剧和音乐,这也可以帮助儿童和青少年发展新的兴趣(Earle, 2009)。

英国艺术史论文代写 :培训项目对孩子的健康和学习

After the school, the setting provides a great opportunity to do the addressing of the problems which are related to obesity in children. It has been found that one in every three children in USA is suffering from the problem of obesity (Batako et al., 2005). This is generally because of their bad lifestyle and food habits. This is because of the fact that the teens generally do not adhere to any specific diet chart and keep on eating anything which they wish to. It has been proved from the researches which have been done in the students who are performing the Out of School Training programs that these are the programs which can help in the benefits of their participant’s health (Fashola, 1998). This will be better for their health as these students will get the opportunity to involve in a large number of physical activities.

英国艺术史论文代写 :培训项目对孩子的健康和学习

In addition to this, these programs also provide the detailed knowledge related to the health and wellness to the children. These programs also ensure that the students are well aware about the nutritional requirement for their body and understand the need for having a proper diet. The health and fitness benefits have been there for a number of participants. This result has been obtained for around 650 students who have participated in the 25 after school programs (Wiecha et al., 2012). Thus, after school programs are useful as the students can be benefitted from the perspectives of their health as well.

A yet another benefit of the out of school programs is that it helps in making the overall process of learning much more interesting. Some of the out of school training programs includes the education of the subjects such as the science and the computers. In these programs, the students work in groups. The classes are arranged for the students in the completely free, fun and a meaningful manner. The different Out of School programs may offer different options such as drama and music which can also help the children and the teens to develop the number of new interests (Earle, 2009).