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  本篇英国艺术与设计论文代写-循环经济讲了循环经济可以解决经济和环境问题。循环经济的这种二元性使人们在贸易和商业中更加适应这些原则。它还确保了子孙后代的可持续性。人们忽略了这些循环经济最重要的方面是尽量减少浪费或完全重复利用。资源优化更加重要,循环经济潜力巨大。本篇英国艺术与设计论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The circular economy can address the issues of economic and environmental sustenance. This duality of the circular economy causes the people to be more attuned towards these principles in trade and commerce. It also ensures that there is sustainability for the future generations. It is eluded that the most important aspect of these circular economy is that waste is minimized or completely reused. There is more importance given to the optimization of the resources and the potential for the circular economy is pretty high. It is evident from this schema that the people will be benefitted from the circular economy. The rise in the middle class and the emerging economies indicate that there will be growth in this schema. However, the measurement and the exact implications of these models are yet to be known. This is nebulous. By creating smaller system and identifying the exact variables in this schema, there can be more knowledge that would be gained. Owing to this, there is a need for more research and development in this system. These have been explored in more details. A number of researches have given explanation about the circular economy and the potential. However, there is a lack in the specifics regarding the implementation of this system. The traders need to have the basic facts and figures to continue to reduce the nebulous aspect of the research and focus on developing the business model. The research would attempt to reduce the gap and bring more clarity to the business models. These have been detailed in this research. The purpose of this analysis is to determine a cohesive solution to utilize the potential of the services that can be rendered by barter system and finding solutions to overcome these issues that exist in the current system.

  The research and data analysis that is presented in the paper have certain limitations. They are the issue of access to the data availability, not considering the biological cycle and the absence of the detailed discussions regarding the metrics and the scoring systems. There is the measurement of the potential product circularity and the access to the quantity of the market data. Efforts were taken to overcome this issue by the use of secondary information from peer reviewed and reputed sources. The biological cycle and the biomimetic properties of the systems data were used from the Ellen MacArthur data and the research attempted to collate information from a number of sources regarding the variables. Owing to this, these impacts of the research were overcome. A lot of focus was given to present the information with clarity to the audience and to present the data that is found in a neutral and unambiguous manner. In spite of these efforts, the issues of researcher bias are plausible. Owing to this, the data and analysis of different perspectives have been embedded in the research design.