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The main focus of this report will be on analysing the financial strategy of the organization, considering special innovations in finance and the ways in which it has been enhancing its corporate governance in alignment of 1992 report of Cadbury and the code 2013 of corporate governance in UK. The strategies of the organization will be identified by conducting an analysis of SWOT and PEST.

Thornton Plc holds the mission of becoming the most loved brand providing chocolate in the entire United Kingdom by bringing smile on the faces of each and every single customer having their chocolate. Considering in the shorter run, the organization has been planning for revitalizing, rebalancing and restoring the financial position of the organization since the year of 2013 (Thorntons PLC, 2013).

The organization of Thornton Plc is known to provide chocolate gifts with high quality for more than the duration of 100 years. They have always been delighted to serve the customers with their treats since 100 glorious years. In the year 2012, they have ended up turning 217 million Euros and the presentation of their products has been done by a number of channels such as the physical shops of Thornton, platforms of online stores, preference of franchising, and by a broad range of partners in retail. These are all known to be impacted by the statement of mission in a significant manner.

In the primary context, the organization of Thornton Plc has been competing at the highest level in the market of chocolate where the acquiring of products is done in the form of gifts. This particular mechanism has contributed in making the market as seasonal as possible. In the market of United Kingdom, there has been a decline in the market of boxed chocolate that is being experienced by Thornton (Eva, 2007). In the duration of 1999, it had been 713 million Euros that ended up decreasing to the point of 699 million Euros in the year 2002, and 217.1 million Euros in the duration of 2012 (Thorntons PLC, 2012).