Assignment First




An initial project plan is presented here. This project plan might change based on the time constraints or might have to change based on initial findings. This will be reported to the project co-ordinators and other sponsors for the research.
Literature Review: A detailed literature review will be conducted on existing researches on the same topic. The literature review will critically analyze and present the findings on research with respect to 1) improving the retention of skilled employees in the hospitality sector, 2) costs associated with the recruitment, training and retention practices within the hospitality industry, 3) majors issues with respect to human resources in the cookery departments in particular, 4) solutions for the issues and more.
Data Collection: Data collection is an important assignment here, this will be done by coordinating with the business in question for which the improvement are going to be suggested.
Final Report: This is the concluding part of the assignments; the final report is prepared based on the findings from primary research.


Time associated with Literature Review and collection of other secondary data will be 2-3 weeks. The data collection estimated to be anywhere around 3-4 weeks, and this will also need to be adjusted based on the availability of the participants. The data analysis and final report of the project will be prepared by 2-3 weeks after the data collection.
Human Resources:
The researcher will only be involved in the project. The project estimate would be a around 3 months.
Project Control:
The progress be monitored by means of strict adherence to the allotted times. Project adherence to time and milestone reports will be communicated to the relevant stakeholders. In the context of this report the stakeholders include the business that is being analyzed as a case study and the instructor assigned.
Quality Control:
Quality of the deliverables, which are the preliminary draft reports, will be kept by communicating them constantly with the stakeholders. This way any expectations from the report, or any deviations from the initial proposal could be checked and the issues rectified.