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直線經理擁有指導和控制其直接下屬的權力,而員工專家是負責建議、咨詢和推薦專家、員工或領域專家的個人,他們的職責比直線經理少。直線經理的第一個最重要的領域是按時交付他們的工作,完成職責和目標。此外,他們還必須妥善管理工作人員在不同工作領域的參與情況,並為他們提供個人發展機會,以便進行更好的考績。另一方面,員工專家是部門主管,其職責是監督、控制和教導員工的工作態度(Mayhew, 2015)。

這裏要考慮的第一個最重要的一點是,改善工作場所的心理健康被認為是重要的,而且對員工和管理者都有好處。因此,這兩個職位都有防止歧視、工作健康安全和隱私的正式權利。管理人員有責任對員工的需求作出反應,為他們提供成長的機會。同樣,員工有權就任何問題通知直接經理,並讓他們知道他/她的強項。必須確保員工擁有完成特定任務的能力和正確的技能。因此,管理者有責任確定合適的員工需求並正確管理工作日程(, 2015)。

企業從人力資源規劃開始,人力資源規劃對員工有很大的影響,一旦員工加入公司,管理層就必須引入人力資源專業人員,為滿足員工需求、管理組織結構、預算編制和員工保留制定積極的計劃。因此,人力資源管理規劃最好的部分是它提前滿足勞動力問題,而不是人力資源管理處理員工問題,一旦他們進入公司工作。簡而言之,可以確定人力資源管理規劃是一個完整的過程,它計劃未來的業務,定義勞動力需求,需求預測,進而供應預測,最終處理環境力量及其對組織的影響(Accountlearning, 2015)。

英國作業代寫 :人力資源管理中經理的責任

Line managers possess the power of directing and controlling their immediate subordinates while the staffs specialists are the individuals who are responsible to advice, counsel and recommend specialists staff or area expertise individuals and their duties are less as compared to line managers. The first most important area of line manager is to deliver their work on time with complete responsibilities and complete targets. Moreover they are also required to properly manage the involvement of staff in different areas of work and provide them personal development for conducting better performance appraisals. The staffs specialists on the other hand are departmental heads, whose duties are to supervise, control and teach their staff toward work (Mayhew, 2015).

The first most important point to consider here is that improving the workplace mental health in considered significant and for the interest of both employees and the managers. Hence both of these positions have formal rights of protection against discrimination, work health safety and privacy. It is the duty of managers to be responsive towards their employee needs and provide them with the opportunities in which they can grow. Similarly it is the right of the employee to inform immediate manager regarding any concern and let them knows the areas in which he/she feels strong. It must be assured that the employee possesses the ability and the right skill set for accomplishing a particular task. Hence it is the responsibility of the manager to determine the appropriate staff requirements and manage the work schedules properly(, 2015).

Business starts with human resource planning which has a strong impact on workforce and once they are on board the management has to introduce human resource professionals for creating proactive plans for addressing the workforce requirements, managing organizational structure, budgeting and retention. Hence the best part of HRM planning is that it caters the workforce issues in advance as opposed to HRM which deals with employees issues once they are on board and working for the company. In short it can be ascertained that HRM planning is a complete process which plans future business, define workforce requirements, demand forecasting and consequently supply forecasting and eventually handles the environmental forces and their impacts on the organization (Accountlearning, 2015).