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莉莉是一名白人女性,她的血统是英国人,成长为穆斯林。因此,这本书的主要特点是穆斯林文化和英国文化的融合。礼来对伊斯兰教的价值观有着完全和无条件的信仰,这有助于礼来在埃塞俄比亚城市哈拉获得认可(Khan, 2002)。莉莉认真学习和记忆《古兰经》的内容和价值观,她遵循伊斯兰教的价值观。莉莉对伊斯兰教的价值观做出了坚定的承诺,她还教她周围贫穷的孩子学习古兰经,她也愉快地接受了哈拉里的习俗。




英文代写 :小说《肚子里的甜蜜》中的信仰和价值

The novel provides insights on various factors like race, religion and exile. Lilly is a woman in white and through this, the author-de-culturize Islam. Gibbs also opens the fact about political landscape which is often forgotten in today’s lifestyle. The novel reader can identify that exile is based on the myth of return and within Harar which has non-colonized walls, and racism is ubiquitous. I can easily experience Lilly’s
Differences in the values and beliefs of the Lilly and my own values and beliefs:
Lilly is a white woman whose descent is British and she raised as Muslim. Hence, the main character of this book can be found as an amalgamation of Muslim and British culture. Lilly has full and unconditional faith in values of Islam and that helps Lilly to gain acceptance in the Ethiopian city of Harar (Khan, 2002). Lilly intensely studied and memorized the contents and values of Quran and she followed the values of Islam. Lilly makes strong commitments to Islamic values and she also teaches Quran to her poor neighborhood children and she also accepted the customs of Harari happily.
I belong to Chinese culture and it is somewhat different from the culture, values and beliefs of main character’s culture in the novel, i.e. from Lilly’s Islamic culture. My cultural values are strongly influenced by national psychology and identity of my country. We are influenced by the traditional cultural values and that are harmony, righteousness, courtesy, honesty, benevolence.
What is valued about children and what behaviours do parents desire in their children?
The relationship between children and parent has a significant impact on the development of a child. Parenting skills and behaviours are valued for every children upbringing. It leaves the positive impact on children’s self-esteem, confidence, school achievement and behaviour. Parents always expect good, disciplined and sophisticated behaviour from their child. But the behaviour of growing children depends on or influenced by their parents, teachers, community and surrounding environment. The Islam religion builds legal framework and code of ethics, which everyone in the religion should follow. The book’s main character, Lilly used to teach Quran to poor Muslim children lives in her neighbourhood.