Assignment First

  本篇英文论文代写-百思买的营销问题讲了由于世界各地都有技术进步,企业可以从中受益,进行技术产品的贸易(Dominici, 2011)。实际上,这种方式并没有使BBY受益,因为大部分的威胁都是由网上购物造成的,而网上购物对百思买的业务没有任何好处。客户在使用百思买时确实有这样的选择,但他们也会浏览不同的网页,而且大多数亚马逊都有很多更便宜的交易。本篇英文论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Since there are technological advancements all over the world, the business can make benefit out of it to trade the technological goods (Dominici, 2011). Actually, this way BBY is not benefitted as most of the threat is created by internet shopping only which isn’t anyway useful for Best Buy’s business. The clients do have such choice with Best buy, but they tend to explore different WebPages as well and mostly Amazon has lots of cheaper deals.

  Ecological factors

  The marketing of Best Buy isn’t much affected by the environmental aspects. The use of eco- friendly options and environmental friendly gadgets can help business to build its brand. Yet, the business has to spend a lot for very little impact.

  Legal factors

  There are two legal problems which are faced by Best Buy. There had been inapt relation, which led CEO Brian Dunn to quit. Also the market reputation was affected by the class-action proceedings which relate to the job favoritism which cost the business approximately 10 Mn dollars.