Assignment First

  本篇英语论文代写-市场调查讲了市场调查通常是一个发现的过程。一系列的新问题和新想法是由一个发现形成的。从一开始就知道这项技术必须得到当地大学的许可。然而,在向大学申请许可之前,这些想法应该是清楚的,即他们能卖出多少,他们的目标客户是什么。本篇英语论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  There should much work that needed to be completed before selling of any products in the form of release paper. The first step in this direction was to determine the market for the material and the way it existed and segment that forms the potential customers.

  The market research is generally a process of discovery. The series of new questions and new ideas are formed from one finding. It was known from the onset that the technology had to be licensed from the local university. However, before the approach for licensing to the university, the ideas should be clear as to how much selling is possible by them and what would be their target customers. At the beginning, there was little knowledge related to the potential customers and the market. Even, there was no knowledge whether the product would be working in the market. There was also no knowledge that there can be interest from some manufacturing industries, especially the electronic component manufacturers using in their process, the piezoceramic thin sheets like resonators, actuators, and capacitors.

  The consultation was taken with a number of market information sources in finding out the way the problem of cracking, warping, or sticking was dealt with by the maufacturers with their components in the process of firing. Certain information was obtained from the representatives of the manufacturers out of discussion with them. The knowledgeable representatives with regards to the general processes were found, who had enough knowledge regarding the organization of the supply chains and the processes that manufacturers generally use. The compliments were good in relation to other sources of information about market that could be ambiguous or biased, such as information from the government sources, trade associatrion’s economic data, websites of the manufacturers, and trade journals. It can be deciphered that generically, the experience of the information emanating from the primary research on the basis of knowledge and direct experience has much greater value than the sources of information from electronic sources or paper (Reynolds, 2007). The lesson learned was that there has been greater value of networking carried out with other people. There was also essentiality to obtain the market’s accurate picture as with the target industry’s organization. There was also importance on marketing the product. The news that was positive with respect to the product was that the word of mouth spreading of awareness of the product amongst the professionals of the industry has more value compared to the methods of conventional advertising.