澳洲代写essay 自我知觉

by | 10-May-2013 | 澳洲论文代写


Q1) Self-perception is an important aspect of personality and it is often influenced by others surrounding an individual. In the institution of family, members who are close to an individual play an important role in shaping their self perception. Of such instance, was the influence of my mother in developing my own self-perception. As an infant I was very shy to speak what was on my mind and reluctant to fight back with other children who used to bully me. I always used to get pushed around and found myself conforming to others due to peer pressure. Whenever I used to come back home crying, I expected my mother to come back with me and scold the children or speak with my teachers so that I wouldn’t be bothered again. However, I remember that instead of doing what I expected her to do, my mother would ask me to go back to school or in the playground and try to resolve my issues with the children (unless it was something quite serious). I remember getting very annoyed by her behavior, but I specifically remember her teaching me to stand up for myself and fight for what I believe is right or wrong from an early stage. If I used to find myself under peer pressure, she helped me understand that standing up for what I believed was right or wrong because in the end I would have to face the consequences for the outcomes. My mother initially taught me how to be confident and how to learn to speak for what I believe was right or wrong. I also remember that because how she helped me deal with my problems during my adolescence years, I have become a people’s person instead of being an introvert.

Q2)  I can still hear my teacher, Mr.Oulette’s voice in my head when I am beginning to take on a novel objective or task. He was my 5th grade teacher and one of the very first mentors who taught us to take initiatives. He especially taught us to be confident in ourselves and to always keep ourselves alert and attentive for new opportunities and knowledge. It was through his creative teaching abilities that initiated our class to participate into our learning and ask questions to become more attentive. This helped me to build my self-perception to become attentive to others, pay attention to detail, and embark self initiative into doing things that in the greater run help me become more organized and accomplish my goals faster.

Q3) My best friend, Clara, is someone who I had met in the 6th grade. I was new at my elementary school and she was one of my very first friends. She was very straightforward and open about what she felt, thought and perceived. While I was a bit shy in my adolescence years and often myself doing things under peer pressure, she always did what she felt like and was least bothered about what others might think or say. She was confident in herself and was very open about her views and beliefs about different things. She helped me to become a confident person as well, and helped me come out of my shell from being a shy individual to someone who was bold and outspoken. Because she always stood by me when I decided not to conform against peer pressure, she helped me become confident as well.

Q4) The article talks about how individuals are concerned about their outer appearance and how it affects their confidence and self esteem. The author claims that along with having a confident self perception about one, it is also becoming increasingly important for individuals to maintain an eminent physical appearance of themselves, which is why many have turned to plastic surgery to make changes in their appearances according to how they perceive themselves beautiful.