When people wake up, they may check their Facebook and E-mail at first, same in they go to bed. People often spent a lot of time online instead of doing other activities; they waste time on reading details about their friend’s live, watching their photos, and getting latest gossip about what everyone is doing. One of the reasons why people play is because they want to compete with their friends. Also, users of Facebook dwell among each other virtually, checking out each other’s profiles, viewing their pictures, or reading their posts about where they are and what they are doing. If someone’s high school classmates go for on a trip and upload 200 photos on the vacation, you may see all of the photo for fun and chat with them, post comments on the “wall”.  Most of the time individuals can view pictures of absolute strangers, or of their friends friends. Even we do not who is our true friend. “We are wired to connect.” says Daniel Gloeman. ( Social Intelligence, 2006) We all know we have different friends, but there are few people we can connect in a direct and deep way. Gloeman shows us the interdependence of nature and nurture. We have to know who is our friends and who is our close friends.  Even we use social network every day, but social network hasn’t really changed our life so much. Studies have shown people maintain between 4 and 7 close friends at any given time. On Facebook, every other person has at least 300 or even more friends on their page, but not all of the friends are individuals familiar with.  They may be your classmates, colleges or just strangers. But what is a friend? “A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Said by Greek philosopher Aristotle.

On BBC news, there is a research said the people who have more friends, they are easy to add friends they never know. “ This is the fear that we are all becoming more superficial, that Facebook friends represent a kind of inflation that diminishes the value of prior or true friendship.”(Tales from Facebook). Facebook helps us to connect with our friends but also can let people live into a virtual world, people will find and cultivate relationships. Individuals are prone to face security issues such as identity theft or bombardment into their personal lives from other individuals, as there is a lot of fraud and deceit with online networking websites. “The thing that we are trying to do at Facebook, is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently.” Said Mark Zuckerberg. However, some users or ex-users claim that Facebook is doing just the opposite. Many cases have appeared that show to engage Facebook as creating a lot of barriers in indivuduals relationships with others, especially with their spouses, married and unmarried. Facebook, in some countries, is a leading cause of relationship trouble, and many claim that Facebook was the “primary source” of people get divorce.  Regardless of Facebook becoming a barrier between couples, the privacy of an individuals life has also become rare. The case of one 35 year old women Emma, is a clear example how some individuals have made a mockery out of their relationships while using Facebook, as she found out from her husband’s Facebook personal message post that, “[He was] finally divorcing her”.  A women discovered her husband was cheating on her while having a marital affair with someone who he had met on Facebook, who later ended up divorcing him. From guardian, A spokesperson for Facebook said: “It’s ridiculous to suggest that Facebook leads to divorce. Whether you’re breaking up or just getting together, Facebook is just a way to communicate, like letters, phone calls and emails. Facebook doesn’t cause divorces, people do.” (guardian.co.uk) Facebook do not just cause you break up, sometimes it will let you lose the job.