by | 22-May-2013 | 英国留学常识


Independent thinking:
The biggest problem which arises in an organization due to groupthink is that it eradicates individual thinking. It causes people to behave and fixate their cognitive processes in ways so that their thinking level is ‘morphosised’ in to one (Jones, 2010). When this happens, the group members are unable to think differently, debate on the current alternative or even bring something new to the table. The group becomes one organism which can only come up with one solution to a problem in the organization.
Bad decisions because of no opposition:
If the group involved in decision-making is highly cohesive, then this will hinder production of a good decision. A quick and unanimous decision may save company time and cost, but it will not be the best solution to the problem. This cohesiveness and groupthink mentality will impair the group’s ability to critically think about the optimum solution.
The outcomes of groupthink decisions are bad because the group is involved in selective gathering of information and often ignores expert opinion. And because the group is so confident about its ideas that it does not consider contingency plans either.
Possible solutions might be overlooked:
If groupthink has taken over the organization’s collaborative efforts then it will be very difficult for getting a variety of solutions for a problem. Each individual would have sacrificed his ability to think creatively and prefers conforming to the norms of the group. This leads to complacency with status quo and a lack of vision within the organization.