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Cheongsam design, integrated into the Western – style aesthetic and cutting process, focuses on the use of waist dart and bust dart province, it also has a distinctive flavour of the times and trends charm. Many historians believe that the Cheongsam is a symbol of a new civilization (Jing, 2014) China has entered a new era of a big sign, the entire five years of the last century have been marked by strong imprint of this dress, it can be said, far beyond the influence cheongsam dress itself, and deep into the history and culture.

Cheongsam is very popular in Chinese women who are involved in business. China’s best woman Eileen Chang, Kai-shek Wu has forged a bond with the cheongsam, until today. Westerners still find the Chinese cheongsam impressive. The clothing of a nation is a vital element that can reflect the living of people from that country. The Chinese women wearing this dress are considered as very straightforward. Since the dress in a sense represents China’s image

It comes from the Manchu, accommodating people do not represent the image of China’s 56 ethnic groups, and it seems that only accounts for the vast majority of the Han Chinese population costumes to represent China. In fact, the cheongsam with the Manchu attire a qualitative difference, it reflects more of a Chinese national culture, only Han Chinese woman has subtle, restrained, graceful, elegant character. It was a fashion statement for the socialites and woman of upper-class in China.

We can look at history to know, in China, there is what kind of clothing that can swept the country, sustained over a hundred years and it is still occupying the trend line? Only cheongsam! Only cheongsam best highlight femininity and style, which hint of oriental charm is a classic in the history of aesthetics.