Assignment First


基列是由于出生率下降危机而形成的。因此,整个国家的结构是围绕控制出生或繁殖的目标而建立的。反过来,国家已经解决的问题在面对的方式,假设总控制身体上的妇女通过政治统治意味着他们的身体(福斯特& mengham,43-47)。整个妇女种族被阻止做或执行任何行为,如投票,阅读,工作等,因为他们觉得他们将成为独立,从而反叛,这将挑战国家和角色的男人,他们的丈夫。尽管所有的女性都喜欢国家宣称的花言巧语,但妇女受到虐待,她们的人性也受到质疑。妇女被视为复制的对象,剥夺他们的基本人权和功能无非是一种传真的手段。



Gilead had been formed as a result of the crisis of declining birth rates. Hence, the structure of the entire state was built around the objective of controlling birth or reproduction. In turn, the state has addressed the issue in a confronting manner by assuming total control physically on the women and their bodies through politically governed means (Forster & Mengham, 43-47). The entire race of women were prevented from doing or performing any act like voting, reading, working or so as it was felt that they would then become independent and thereby rebellious which would challenge the state and role of the men, their husbands. In spite of all the women favouring rhetoric that the state claims, women have been ill-treated to the level in which their humanity is also questioned. Women were considered nothing more than objects of reproduction and deprive them of their basic human rights and function nothing more than a means of facsimile.

Here language is utilised as a tool for exercising power as Gilead has created a vocabulary to serve the needs of the modern society and the elite class of the society. The title system created has made women known by their gender and roles only while men have been defined by their ranks and grades in the military cadre. Even the names of the women have been considered forgotten which very much undermines the individuality of this gender. In short, they have been considered and treated in a subhuman manner with strictly prescribed norms of behaviour that they need to adhere to (Orwell, 34-38). Novels of this class are dystopian in nature and they generally explore the relationship between the repression of a state amongst its subjects and the parody of the language spoken. The author treats this as a danger of the dictatorial society. The Handmaid’s tale carries on this traditional storytelling that many authors like these have told in the past.