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产品-市场营销人员应该有能力找出产品。许多类似的产品都应该由个人根据主焦点产品来考虑。主要的边缘应了解产品在市场上的使用,推广自己的品牌,利用现有的资源有效地在这样一种方式,每一个产品的协调他人的方式。营销人员还应该考虑战略产品开发(Aaker & A,D,2004。)。




Marketing mix is an important tool to determine the scope of a product and to determine its competitiveness and uniqueness in a market. The 4P principle that is adopted for this analysis may include Product, Prices, Promotion and Place. This can be extended to 7P or 8P principle in order to find out of the nature of a market.

Product- A marketing individual should be capable of finding out the product. Many such similar products should always be thought by the individual in line with the primary focus product. The main edge should be created by understanding the use of product in the market, the ways to promote their brand name and to effectively use the available resources in such a way that each of the products harmonizes others. A marketer should also think about the product development of strategies (Aaker & A., D., 2004.).

Prices- When making a price, a marketer should be conscious about the customer supposed value for a product. The basic idea that has to be followed is to have a good effective cost in-line with the competitors who are generally termed as a reference value and to have a different view about the provision of services and values that are relevant to the product.

Promotion-Promotions cover all the information to be delivered which are to be paid for on resources such as advertisements, the media, and the Internet. The information, to reach the public must be compensated indirectly which would include for the press releases, for the sponsorship deals, for the exhibitions, for the conferences, for the seminars or the trade events and fairs. The Word-of-mouth has been an actually informal communication which can be delivered by the ordinary individuals, and the satisfied customers and the people particularly who are engaged in making the word of mouth energy. The Sales staff of the retail stores must be encouraged to use word-of-mouth strategies. The staffs at the stores frequently play a vital role in the word of mouth or even in the public relations.